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Marsha De Arriaga
Phone: 931-684-3500
115 S. Side Square
Shelbyville, TN 37160
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riding apparel
Your Choice in Fine Equestrian Apparel
Fine Riding Apparel
Marsha De Arriaga is dedicated to providing equestrian's with the finest riding apparel. We carry English and Western
ready-to-wear and custom apparel designs chosen from quality, beautiful fabrics and in a variety of price ranges.
The hand picked fabrics used in the Marsha De Arriaga custom products and apparel are a tailor’s dream come true. Our luxury woolens are chosen from some of the greatest fabric houses across the globe. Our products and apparel prove that there really is no substitute for great taste and quality.
You just might want to take it one step further and let Marsha fit you for a beautiful custom made suit, vest and shirt with fabrics and designs chosen just for you!
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